Baby Z Turns One- Children's Shoot

"She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes"

This little cutie was so full of joy! She was full of giggles, just a pleasure to shoot her. I am very good friends with her parents and have literally watched them grow, so capturing this milestone meant so much to me. Happy Birthday to this beautiful little girl, may she continue to bring happiness to every life she touches! xoxo

Multigenerational Family Shoot

I LOVE THIS FAMILY! Not just because two of the members of this family happens to be one of the gorgeous couples I will be shooting on their big day no, that is not why at all. It is simply because I genuinely felt connected to them. The day was hot and humid (I know, a very common occurrence in Florida), but this family still managed to keep their spirits up and as you can see in their images, they are a family bound by love! Now, aside from the fact that it was so hot and I almost passed out towards the end of the shoot, I think we had a great time at their shoot and captured some great memories that I know they will cherish for a lifetime. A family that takes pictures together sticks together! That's my motto! Enjoy xoxo

The Perez Family

"He heals the brokenhearted, and bandages their wound" ~Psa 147:3

This is the strongest family I have ever been blessed to come in contact with. After experiencing tragedy in their family, they have found strength in their faith in God and each other. Little Gabriella passed away this past May when she was just a little over 1 years old, from a very sad incident in their home pool. She would have been 2 this August 26. It hurts me even to share this, as when I heard the story it truly broke my heart. But I met the most beautiful spirited woman...Ashley. Ashley informed me that she wanted everyone to know their story. Whether you find strength and hope in her families loss or just to make others aware of the dangers of swimming pools, Ashley wants you all to know. When she called me to tell me she wanted me to capture her family doing a butterfly release as a memorial on her daughters birthday, I will not lie, I didn't think I had the heart for it. But after hearing Ashley tell me with confidence, that if it wasn't for her faith she would be broken, I felt her strength through the phone; And while I thought I would have to be the one to stay strong, I found myself gleaning from her strength. There are no words to describe the beauty of this family. I only ask that as you look through these images you send prayers of comfort and peace to God for this family, as you are glimpsing into very intimate moments of their life. I hope through these images you can see a little of their heart, and feel encouraged and strengthened to share this story with others who might need it.

Chrystal & Gabriella Rae- "Mommy and Me" Family Shoot

"There is something so beautiful and unique about the love between a mother and daughter"~LDP

I was absolutely delighted when my good friend Chrystal called me to say she wanted to come to Miami to do a shoot with her daughter. Since she gave birth to her beautiful porcelain doll (it's what I like to call her), I have been eager to get these beauties in front on my lens, but because of the distance (them living in Orlando) the opportunity never presented itself. But Chrystal wanted to do something different to capture the milestone of her baby girl turning 3 and she only wanted me to do it. She put her trust in my hands to come up with an inspiration for this shoot that would reflect the bond that the two share. When I gave her a list of ideas for her session, she jumped at this one as she knew this would bring out the personality of her little girl. And that it did. The images you are about to enjoy are a reflection of the beautiful souls captured in these images. Your getting a glimpse into the heart and love of a mother and daughter...Enjoy xoxo

Miller-Family Shoot

A mother and her boys! This was such a sweet shoot. This is what family is all about. I watched Dana and her two boys and my heart literally melted. Just seeing how protective they ere of their mother and how loving she was to them. It was so beautiful. And so you know, they are not twins! lol It took me a while to get over it too. lol These two cuties are so blessed to have each other as brothers. I know Dana is raising them to be good men in the future. That's what this society needs! Now enough ranting about this beautiful family. Enjoy their images! xoxo