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Pierre-Antoine Family Shoot

“Because every picture tells a story about Love…”

I really love this family! Astride and Jason welcomed the sweetest little baby girl to their family dominated by boys/men and they couldn’t be happier! So we decided to commemorate with a shoot! The boys were full of energy as always, which yielded some very exciting photos that I love! Nothing like the essence of childhood. We always have a great time shooting this family of now 5, I cant describe how beautiful it is to watch a family grow as the years go by. I hope I get to watch them grow for many years to come, God willing! Enjoy xo

Chantae & Odane- Maternity Shoot

"Love...and be Loved"

Parenthood can be the scariest most beautiful thing to enter into. I myself welcomed the sweetest little boy into our family what seems like just yesterday. He recently turned one and I feel like the time literally has flown by. I remember carrying him in my womb and just praying over him and the anticipation of his arrival. Witnessing the love of parents like Chantae and Odane is so heat warming, it reminds me of that warm feeling of life growing inside you. Join me in congratulating this beautiful family. xo

Chrystal & Gabriella Rae- "Mommy and Me" Family Shoot

"There is something so beautiful and unique about the love between a mother and daughter"~LDP

I was absolutely delighted when my good friend Chrystal called me to say she wanted to come to Miami to do a shoot with her daughter. Since she gave birth to her beautiful porcelain doll (it's what I like to call her), I have been eager to get these beauties in front on my lens, but because of the distance (them living in Orlando) the opportunity never presented itself. But Chrystal wanted to do something different to capture the milestone of her baby girl turning 3 and she only wanted me to do it. She put her trust in my hands to come up with an inspiration for this shoot that would reflect the bond that the two share. When I gave her a list of ideas for her session, she jumped at this one as she knew this would bring out the personality of her little girl. And that it did. The images you are about to enjoy are a reflection of the beautiful souls captured in these images. Your getting a glimpse into the heart and love of a mother and daughter...Enjoy xoxo

Tevez-Family Shoot

My heart swells with so much happiness looking at these images! This little man will absolutely steal the heart of anyone! He was so full of joy and happiness, all the beautiful things that remind you of how sweet it is to have the innocence of a child. As we approach mother's day, I thought this shoot was the absolutely best to share, as it reminds us of the blessings that makes being a mother so special. The sweetness of children! Enjoy! xoxo

Marie & Moise- Maternity Shoot

And then there were five :) This cute little family has grown by one more! They are having a sweet little baby girl! Mama was once the only lady in this house, but they have welcomed little Mariah into their home, and they couldn't be happier! Once little brothers, are now being graduated to big brothership (yes I believe thats a title lol) I pray blessings for this family of 5, may 2015 bring their home peace, joy and happiness! Enjoy xoxo